Gender Issues: The Existence Of Gender

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Gender issues are part of the social problems that have been used in differentiating between the position of men and women. These aspects relate to the socially constructed behaviors associated with the female and male groups in the society. The behaviors result from assumptions in the society. The biological description and capabilities of the male and female also influence the ways in which gender exists. Therefore, arguments have been constructed to elaborate on whether gender exists or not. Some of the supporting arguments claim that natural selection in human beings has placed the women in the position for some roles which are different from the roles of men. For example, Carey and Samson (53) assert that gender differences still play a significant role in girls and boys. On the other hand, opposing arguments and criticism have been developed with the view of gender issues as a humanly constituted element. Moreover, they do not have relevant facts surrounding the non-existence of gender. It is an assumption of discrimination between men and women that results in masculinity and femininity between women and men. However, I do agree with the arguments of Carey and Samson that gender is a real factor since it has marked the …show more content…
The existence of gender came from the natural capabilities. The human beings only shaped and constructed the gender-based factors due to an already existing pattern of natural existence, for example, through the beliefs derived from religious factors. The people defined the roles to ensure that the framework of distinction is developed. The human beings also have the ability to engage in social constructs based on the available evidence. It should not be separated from what exists in the societal culture. The ability of the women is naturally prevented by their physical capabilities. However, their natural strength does not depict

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