Gender Is A Waste Of Time By Susan Jacoby Essay

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Gender Makes A Difference Gender plays a major role in affecting one’s career choices, as we see in the essays “Oh, Come On, Men Aren’t Finished” by Christina Sommers and “When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is a Waste of Time” by Susan Jacoby. In the first essay, Christina Sommers talks about how women are creating their ways to pull ahead in some companies but men are still doing the hard dangerous work. Likewise, in the second essay, Susan Jacoby discusses why girls more likely tend to dislike math and science although they make high grades on them. Both of these authors demonstrated that people are more concentrated on gender instead of the effort a hard worker puts into the work. In their essays, Sommers and Jacoby told about the existence of patriarchy and how people think that men have dominated the different types of careers. Sommers showed this by indicating that men are capable of doing everything from disguising emotions to confronting challenges, saying, “For most of human history, men have been the dominant sex because of their capacity to compete, take risks, conceal emotion, and fight for resources” (245). Similarly, Jacoby displayed that stereotypes which say science and math are for boys while English and history are for girls have distracted girls from focusing on these important subjects, many girls, as Jacoby wrote, eliminate themselves from any serious possibility of studying science […] by the traditional belief that “math and science are masculine…

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