Gender Inequality

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The comparison between African-American and white women, all poor and working class, speaks to recent criticisms within feminist scholarship, where Elizabeth Spelman, bell hooks, Barbara Christian, and others point to a distinctly white middle-class bias.

Work within recent years by white women and women of color has attempted to open up feminist thought to the perspectives and practices of those who the black man and subsequent police behavior.

As Spelman argued a number of years ago, "Feminists have rightly insisted that to talk simply about relations between whites and blacks, between rich and poor, between colonizer and colonized, masks gender distinctions within each group; for example, the problem with an explanation of inequality based simply on class ignores inequalities based on gender, but for similar reasons, talking simply about
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Looking into the private worlds of two of our white narrators- Suzanne and Kathy-opens up the whole cloth of women 's pain, passion, and violence that lies beneath the surface of white working-class women 's lives.

While the instance of reported domestic abuse is lower for African-American women in our sample than for white women as opposed to 92 percent in the two cities), their stories are, seek orders of protection, flee to shelters.

Whereas white women are deeply involved in protecting the images and wage worlds of their spouses, fathers, brothers, and so forth and, more important, protecting the image of the domestic unit as a whole, there is little comparable cover among poor African-American women.

Among African Americans interviewed here, women reach out to other women to discuss aspects of their lives, breaking the silence surrounding

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