Faludi Negatives

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Not that long ago the women’s movement made progress and women got the right to vote. There was a person named Faludi, who worked for times magazine. Faludi believed that women were privilege to have come so far over the years (Levin, 2000). Faludi thought that women were unhappy with the progress that was made and had a lack of appreciation for their progress because they are continually striving for “feminism and equality” (Levin, 2000, p. 83). Faludi believed women not being grateful for their strides in the women’s movement left them unhappy and miserable. The hostile responses women received as they continue to reach for equality proposed that there was an “undeclared war against American women” (Levin, 2000, p. 83).
Faludi like many
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Straight privilege is something people who identify as straight do not have to think about in the world until they are studying their positionality (McIntosh, ND). About ten years ago federal benefits that were given to married couples were denied to same-sex couples because gay marriage was not legal (Ferro, 2015). If gay couples were given those same entitlements, it could have added additional growth in the economy instead of marginalizing groups. If people are not concerned about discrimination, they are able to use their energy and effort into making the world a better place and boosting the economy (Ferro, 2015). Homophobia “robs the economy of human capital it would otherwise have had” (Ferro, 2015, pg.1) Homophobia doesn’t allow same sex couples the ability to reach their full potential if they have to constantly deal with the backlash of just being who they …show more content…
During my second year of national service, I experienced sexism in the workplace. It was not a reflection of the agency, rather than the perspective of a narrow minded individual. Women are often perceived as weak, and fragile. There was an occasion where a coworker of mine told me not to pick up supplies because it was too heavy for me and that is a man’s job. I was offended by that statement since I was probably able to bench him at the time, but it goes to show how social constructs of what a woman is supposed to be and do perpetuate systems of oppression. I cannot tell you what he believed what women should be doing, but I knew from that conversation he did not believe women were his equal

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