Gender Inequality Within The United States Essay

2304 Words Dec 6th, 2016 10 Pages
The topic of inequality has become a pressing theme of today’s society. In the past few years, and even months, discussions based on inequality typically focus on the basic differences between the ways men and women are treated. However, we tend to avoid conversations about the severe gender discrimination facing those on the outskirts of society, especially those in prison. Although there are still the stereotypical imbalances present between genders in the prison system, the favoritism men receive in those situations is so much more than meets the eye. Women in prison endure far greater injustices compared to men, based on the sole factor that they are women. Some of these injustices include selective treatment, violence, rape, and corrupt sentencing structure. These discriminatory methods carry more weight and impact than anyone from the outside could ever comprehend, but just like any problem, there has to be a solution. One proposed solution is the implementation of faith-based prison programs that seek the establishment of community. Where community is present, change is likely to happen since it encourages action, members typically work together for a common goal, and the convicts are less tolerant of the mistreatment of their fellow inmates. This is where social action can take place and is necessary. Although the unfair and inhumane treatment of women in prison is a difficult topic, it is one that must be discussed and solutions must be found because we…

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