Gender Inequality Within Society Today 's Society Essay

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Gender inequality exists in many parts of society today. Whether it be socially or politically, it occurs in all places and affects everyone. In today 's society we have somehow linked success and power to being a man. In turn, many women who strive for success in any social or political environment, are forced to essentially “act like a man”. Limitations on genders in social and political situations are brought on by society in which women are forced to surrender to objectification, participate in “raunch culture”, and fit into a label.
In many political situations, woman must refrain from speaking out for equality and what they believe is right. In turn, they risk being objectified and accept being treated as unequal to men. Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, brings in, executive of Sony Pictures, Carrie Gerlach, as an example of a woman with success and power. When talking about how she was able to “climb the ladder” to success, Gerlach says, “Do you think those male mentors wanted me telling them how to better their careers, marketing departments, increase demographics? Hell no, They wanted to play in my secret garden. But I applied the Chanel war paint, pried the door open with Gucci heels, worked, and struggled and climbed the ladder. And made a difference!!! And I did it all in a short Prada suit” (Levy 248). Gerlach is essentially saying that she had to objectify herself, dress provocatively, and refrain from telling her mentors if they were doing…

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