Gender Inequality Within A Society Essay

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The author is talking about how much of an impact it is to have women in the work force and how in the current time working is essential for survival, given the rising costs in the economy for women and for Latin American government. There is a report that "concludes that gender inequality within a society has increasingly negative consequences given that globalization is creating an increasingly integrated world. Moreover, gender equality is smart economic policy". (Boudet, 2011). This is certain as it benefits to "enhance productivity – correcting segregation in employment, for example, would reduce the productivity gap between men and women by 30% to 50% and improve development outcomes for the next generation – a mother’s education and economic opportunities positively influence her children’s education and opportunities" (Boudet, 2011). The books and articles also relate to Marxism and how it is plays a major role in feminism. It is clear that feminism is on the rise for many reasons. As mention by the authors, it is a power issue and it also relates to the social class and even the race of women. Feminism is constantly changing due to the change in the political economy and the inequality which exists in Latin America today. One source indicated that the reason for more women in the workforce is due to the lack of fertility. "We must also take note of Latin American women 's increased participation in the labour force. Their declining fertility, and the changes in…

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