Gender Inequality, Discrimination And Prejudice Essay

1220 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 null Page
We live in a world today that is wracked by inequality, injustice, discrimination and prejudice. And as disputable as it may sound many individuals in society are being discriminated based on their sex, race, age, and sexual orientation. In this paper I would be addressing the topic of gender equality on the term; countering the gender oppressive stereotype, a few examples which would be in line with two readings from the course women and gender studies and analyze possible measures to take that would bring about equality and make the society we live a better world.
Furthermore, examining the society we live in, it is acknowledgeable to assert that certain expectations are consigned to individuals based on their social identity. Such as race, gender, and ethnicity, on how they should think, talk and behave. And so when individuals violate those expectations, they are excluded from societal privileges, isolated and discriminated. Nevertheless, expectations consigned on an individual 's sexual identity is what can be interpolated as a gender stereotype. It refers to certain traits that adhere to males and females, which define and distinguish both genders on both positive and negative spectrum .Taking a look at a few modern stereotypes in our society, For instance, the myth that ' 'women don 't do math and science, or that ' 'girls learn better from female teachers ' ', such kinds of stereotype convey that women are qualitative and are not as intelligent, informative as men…

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