Gender Inequality And Male Dominance Essay

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Throughout history there have been many examples of gender inequality and male dominance. For years, women have been dominated by their male counterparts. They have experienced heartbreak and vulnerability as a result of control and power from their significant others. Eventually, in the 19th century a revolution took place and women got the right to vote, they joined the workforce and overall became more independent. As feminism grew throughout Western society in the 21st century, women felt empowered, more self-confident and on the same playing field as men. Many people are continuously being influenced by feminist’s movements and celebrities such as Taylor Swift are no exception. Those who are familiar with the music that Swift produces can conclude that a considerable amount of her music displayed vulnerability and submissiveness to the opposite sex, however, her new music does not reflect those qualities. The changes in the style and content of Taylor Swift’s music, from the past to the present, has been greatly influenced by the feminist movement as seen through a comparison of her album Taylor Swift from 2006 and her latest album 1989.
One of the major differences between the two albums Taylor Swift and 1989 is the genre of music. Her album Taylor Swift is country whereas 1989 is mainstream pop. The country style approach that Swift uses on her first album depicts feelings of sadness and evokes a lot of emotion. She uses many acoustic tones which dispenses a…

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