Gender Inequality Among Females And Females Essay

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Women rights has been a topic since the beginning of time. Although we have made strides towards rejecting the idea that women are inferior to their male counter parts some believe that we still have a long way to go when it comes to obtaining equality gender wise. While others feel that there is more to consider than wage, and social inequality among males and females. In order to truly understand the topic of inequality among gender we have to understand the mindset of others on this topic and address different perspectives.
Women have broken many barriers in the last few decades regarding gender inequality. Especially in regards to having a voice outside of the household. But the fact remains that a lot of women are still put in the position to choose to be either a nurturer and fulfill the care taking role that they were originally given early on. While others fight to be seen as equals within the work place. Author Sandberg acknowledges the pressure felt by many women to choose between the two in her book in titled “Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” she states that “During the same years that our careers demanded maximum time investment, our biology demanded that we have children” (Sandberg 646). She continues to support the idea that women in the work place often settle for positions that they are over qualified for in order to sub consciously rid themselves of guilt when it comes to falling short of their domestic duties. In addition she argues that…

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