The Underground Girls Of Kabul Character Analysis

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In The Underground Girls of Kabul, Jenny Nordberg writes about how fathers and husbands have influenced on women’s lives. In Afghanistan, women’s lives are determined by their father and husband. A father has an absolute authority over his daughter’s marriage. He can decide whom his daughter is going to marry. When a woman is married, her husband can take control of her life. The daughter should always obey her father and husband. In the book, NordBerg writes about the story of several women to show how specific men can determine women’s life in Afghanistan. First, Nordberg describes the life of an educated woman who works at the Parliament. When Azita was young, her father allowed her to go to college, and always discussed political issues …show more content…
Another example is the story of Zahra. Zahra is also a girl who lives as a boy. When she turns to puberty, her parents want her to change to a girl. However, Zahra refuses to be a girl because women are treated in an unpleasant way in Afghanistan. Her mother worries about her and tries to make her into a girl as soon as possible. Unlike Zahra’s mother, Zahra’s father agrees that Zahra has to change, but he shows a sign of relenting on Zahra’s choice. He believes that there are many advantages for both Zahra and himself. By being a boy, Zahra can have more freedom, and helps her father to do tasks. Her father’s thoughts and opinions give Zahra more time to live as a man. Nordberg also claims the idea that men are always left out on the issues of gender equality. She points out the fact that Westerners only encourage women to fight for their rights, and contribute the thoughts that the entire idea of gender equality is to against men.(304). In my own opinion, I believe this is not true. In the U.S, gender equality is not only women’s problems; indeed, men are also included in this movement when trying to work toward gender …show more content…
The founders and most of the members in this club are men. The key idea of this group is to show that people gender equality is not only women’s issue; it is a problem of every individual. They mainly focus on gender equality in workplace; the problems of gender equality in workplace are less income payment and lack of leadership position for women. They discuss the gender issue across the campus, and try to make an equal workplace for women. According to the article, “A gender equality club, run by men,” the author describes how men are involved in the support of gender equality. He states, “The clubs and programs have begun amid a national conversation about gender in the workplace that has been spotlighting the role men that can play to aid women 's careers…Meanwhile, a growing number of companies are getting men involved in their corporate women 's initiatives or granting them longer paternity leave to share the work at home.” From this example, one can see that men have been participated in the movement of gender equality in recent

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