Gender Inequality : A Woman 's Body Essay

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Over time both female and male roles in society have changed, both in literature and in real life, but one thing that hasn’t changed is gender inequality. Men are allowed to stay at home and take care of the children while women are able to work outside of home. Women have gained many rights such as voting and going to college, but they still have a far way to go. There are more male than female protagonists in movies. There are more men in the government who are repeatedly trying to make bills regulating the woman’s body. Men also earn roughly twenty-five cents more than women do (Newsom). Gender inequality is still a problem today in America because gender roles change as society grows and America’s society isn’t done growing.
During Ancient Greece, women were seen as less than men and were thought to not be able to do anything. In Sophocles’ Antigone, Antigone decides to go against the law and bury her deceased brother Polyneices. When word that someone has broken one of his laws by burying Polyneices, the king says to the guard “What? Which man has the audacity to do such a thing?” (Sophocles 7) The king automatically assumes that it was a man who broke the law and not a woman. The idea that a woman could do such a thing was unthinkable. So When Antigone said that it was she who buried Polyneices, the king didn’t believe her at first and asked her many questions to make sure that she really did break the law. The king was then forced to give Antigone the same…

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