Gender Inequalities And Gender Inequality Essay

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In the first half of our inequalities class we have focused primarily on gender inequalities and are starting to dip into racial inequality now. Some topics we 've read about and discussed include women in media, Patriarchy, gender norms, testosterone, among a variety over other topics within this subject. Before this class started I didn’t know much about inequalities at all, in ways I was pretty blind to it. After only a little over a month and reading articles, watching movies, and discussing in depth about these issues I am much more aware now and can see inequalities in my everyday life. I pay far more attention to what is going on around me and it 's very clear we live in a society with very many unfair inequalities and privileges.
Gender Inequality is the unequal treatment or perceptions of people based on their gender, this varies through different culture 's gender norms. Teaching girls from a young age to be polite and quiet and to never get their dress dirty while allowing boys far more freedom. "Boys will be boys" somehow makes it okay for a boy to push a girl and take her candy without being reprimanded. Boys are taught to go play outside, to be rough with there friends, and that its okay to be messy. Girls are always being told to be careful, not allowing them to join the boys, being messy outside. Girls are told to put down potentially harmful tools and to let the man handle that instead of teaching them how the tool is used so they can do it themselves.…

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