Essay on Gender Identity, Gender, And Society

1472 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
Because gender is something that I do every day, just like every other human being on the planet, I will never complete my gender identity. Gender identity is forever in flux, and continues to change throughout one’s life. My relationship between gender, gender norms, sexuality, and society are forever changing, and remain unhinged. Beginning in roughly 2008, the idea of the “hipster” emerged into mainstream culture. The hipster was someone who tried to be different than everyone else by having unique fashion, music, and lifestyle choices. When in reality, the average “hipster” looked very similar to every other twenty-four year old craft beer connoisseur that roamed the city streets on a fixed gear bicycle. The imperfect word I use to describe my relationship to gender roles would be hipster. Today, I try to wear clothes that are not the supposed “norm” for young, male, adults my age. I try to listen to a variety of music from all genres, preferably that doesn’t degrade women. As well as I try to treat women and men equally with the respect they deserve. While I do occasionally wear a tight women’s shirt, a floral pair of short shorts, and sandals, I find myself more often than not wearing fitted button-downs, typical jean-style pants, and big work boots. I like to listen to artists like Teagan and Sara, a lesbian duo, I also sheepishly enjoy today’s top forty, which reinforces societal gender norms on the largest scale, media. Breaking down gender roles is about way…

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