Gender Identity For Men And Women Essay

1017 Words Nov 25th, 2014 null Page
There have been problems with the idea of gender identity for both men and women. The journey in this class has taught me different things about men in the modern world and also the impact on men themselves. Most of the gender identities have social constructed with ideas with a particular gender, either men or women. That is the problem that caused inequality between men and women; furthermore, amongst men as well.
Through out the course there have been discussions of what makes a man a man. There were different opinions or perspective of what a made man because it’s impossible to create a description or customs that only men are allowed to do. Kimmel states in his book, that there is man-box that consist the rules or customs of a man. Some of the controversial rules placed in the man-box are the emotional aspect. The only emotions that men are allowed to show are anger or rage to the public. The other emotions are kept in the inside and not allowed to show those emotions to nobody because it was a sign of weakness. Men are in an internal conflict because all the emotions aren’t allowed to the world and when they are showed, people will find it strange when men become emotional. That’s an issue that hurts men and people realize that men are humans, since men have emotions like any other person in the world. It’s the consequence that men fear when they show emotions, for instance, it feels like men are stepping out of the man-box and aren’t considered masculine enough.…

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