Gender, Identity, And Social Identity And Our Identity

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Our Identity Many people 's ideas of gender identification just ends in male or female. why complicate ourselves? Nowadays we are classified either for our ethnic , color, religion, social status, sex, gender, and many other human characteristics that vary in the human population because we aren 't just people, we 're what we do, what 's on our mind, many characteristic unclassified in the 'normal ' standards are being taken by many people and should be represented equally. Nowadays it is more acceptable to get out of traditional ideas and open up ourselves to be different and comfortable in a mental and social perspective with ourselves and with others. Even though many people are okay with the exposure and acceptance of our different views, there are still those who can 't accept the variation of such. Gender is a delicate topic that we use on our daily basis, even for objects (in those Latin root languages) …show more content…
the classification of actions, attributes, and even colors are set up as we grow up, even before we even know our own gender. Many of these expected behaviors are mostly socially constructed, from those surrounding us, telling us directly and indirectly, how to behave and what to do if you 're a boy or a girl. I disagree with the idea of people relating characteristics to gender by the way people behave. Many people like to judge by what they see instead of stopping, thinking for a bit, and processing what 's happening. It isn 't unusual a shocking reaction coming from people after seeing something that might be 'different ' from what 's consider as 'normal '. As part of a much open generation that takes to consideration different aspects and isn 't afraid of breaking the rules or go off traditional ideas, different gender roles and classifications from other people isn 't such a surprise to

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