Gender Identity And Gender Expression Essay

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To define gender one must be aware of two other definitions: gender identity and gender expression. Gender identity is the tag we accept to define who we are in terms of gender: woman, man, transgender, genderqueer, cisgender, etc. Gender expression is what we do on the outside that conveys to other people who we are based on things such as clothes, and what we say and how we say it. In a reading from week one that defines a few of these genders, there is a comparison that was extremely helpful to understand these definitions (Grollman). Gender identity is like a role in a play that is cast and the gender expression is how that character interacts with the other characters. With each of these gender roles there are societal standard tacked onto them. If someone wants to present themselves as masculine, one may wear a buttoned up collared shirt and keep their hair short and trim to display a manly persona. Society has standards for everything, especially when it comes to sexuality. If someone is a woman, usually there is a dainty and submissive persona around them while a man is expected to be more aggressive and gruff. This is not always the case though. In fact, this is probably less the case than it is the case. Everyone is so different than everyone else it is so difficult to put people in a box that says they are a certain way. When “girl” comes to mind I initially think of pink, flowers, and sparkles. A lot of people probably think of similar things when in reality…

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