Gender, Gender And Sexuality Essay example

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Feminist scholars aim to actively challenge traditional ways of how we view sex and gender by highlighting gender as a key factor in structuring the way in which we live our lives. Sexual orientation develops from a complex relationship of psychological, social and cultural factors. Society’s interpretation of both sex and gender is able to strongly influence the roles they play within social institutions. The implications of these gender distinctions are that women and men assume unequal positions in terms of opportunities and power. Feminism challenges patriarchal description of gender and sexuality proposing the idea that equality between the sexes can only be achieved by converting social attitudes in regards to gender and sexuality. Many feminists reject the view of sex and gender as fixed labels, instead they believe that issues such as sexuality and gender and incredibly fluid and issues of masculinity and femininity are not biological but are in fact socially constructed in today’s contemporary culture. Furthermore they argue that the topic of “sex, gender and sexuality are too closely bound together to be easily detangled” . Without analytically making a distinction between gender and sexuality we cannot aim to successfully explore both topic’s intersections.
Gender and sexuality are spectrums in which a variety of identities can simultaneously exist and equally be valid. What makes gender oppressive is the fact that gender is recognised as only having two…

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