Gender, Gender And Gender Equality Essay

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Introduction Is there any social justice in sports when looking at gender and sexuality? Gender equality in sports has been a very controversial topic in sports. Sports years ago would only be for men till women wanted to participate in sports too. Its known to be male dominated because sports have been known to show off a person’s masculinity (Cashmore & Cleland, 2012). Since we still view sport based on masculinity there is not full social justice and equality in the sports institution.
There are many gender differences in sports and this is because of how society perceives females vs. males (Cunningham, 2008). A person that is not heterosexual challenges the norms set by society, this will be discussed later on (Anderson, 2011). The transgender community also challenges this because of gender-based norms. However, gender based norms do not apply to this community as much because they identify with the gender they feel like they are and not the sex they were born with (Skinner-Thompson & Turner, 2014).
People still make judgments based on a person’s gender and sexuality (Zipp, 2011). This can be seen when picking coaches, looking at their teammates, and how people act towards people in society and in the world of sports. Since society is contently changing there are now things that can protect people that want to participate in sports. Title IX has helped a lot with making sure there is equality in sports (Skinner-Thompson & Turner, 2014). However, people…

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