Gender Equality And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Gender equality is a hot topic that stirs up a multitude of emotions on both sides of the argument. For women to be seen as equals from all perspectives, there needs to be further restructuring of the social policies that perpetuate gender roles and the functions that they serve in society (Zimmerman, 2012). Structural functionalists posit that gender roles arise from the need to establish a division of labor that will help maintain the smooth running of the family and will therefore contribute to the stability of society. In this view, girls and boys are taught different approaches to life. Boys are taught to be goal oriented, to focus on tasks, and to be the provider as well as the protector of the family and society. Girls, on the other hand, are taught to be expressive, foster relationships, and be the nurturer of the family and society (Johnson & Rhodes, 2014). In modern society, some may argue that we no longer need division of labor along gender lines, that both sexes are capable of assuming these roles in society equally. However, the functionalist perspective does not assign judgment to the usefulness of various social structures but sees them for what they are and how they contribute to the society they are in.
Gender inequality is not confined to the United States or other developed countries. While inequality is an issue wherever it is found, there are many developing countries where women must face harsher discrimination and stricter gender role enforcements.…

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