Gender Discrimination Against Women 's Equal Pay Essay

1641 Words Jul 11th, 2016 null Page
Throughout history, women have been making lower salaries than men. In 1963 an equal pay act was passed, fast-forward 46 years later, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay of 2009 was passed. Then in 2014, President Barack Obama signed two executive orders on equal pay. It is now 2016 and women have not yet achieved equal pay with men. Women 's average yearly salary is still less than men 's. Many have placed the blame on women 's lack of negotiation and personal choices. Such as women leaving work due to childbirth, family responsibility, and career choices. Although these do affect women 's salaries, a major factor of the pay gap is gender discrimination against women. Men have been earning higher salaries than women, with the same education, in the same position, and the same job responsibilities. Women 's choices are not the only cause of the wage gap; gender discrimination is a key factor.
In the past, women have been known to take care of the household as a stay at home mother or housewife. While the men would go to work and establish a career to financially support the family. In the past, women had lower levels of education and work experience than men. According to Betsey (2015) "While men were more likely to graduate from college in the 1960s and 1970s, since the 1990s, the majority of all undergraduate and graduate degrees have gone to women" (p. 2). Therefore the salary gap cannot possibly be due to women and men ' s level of education and work experience; because as you…

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