Gender Disadvantages In Patriarchal Society

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Julia Wood explores the connection between privilege and disadvantage in her textbook primarily through gender ideals. Wood believes that privilege and disadvantage are unearned simply because of cultural gender norms that exist amongst patriarchal societies. As time went on, privilege was generally placed on males, which leaves the women automatically disadvantaged and underprivileged. Through cultural norms, male privilege becomes normalized thus revealing the idea of benevolent sexism that eventually leaving women underprivileged and disadvantaged. With basic observation of different cultures, it will become clear as to which societies place privilege on males. We have been living in a patriarchal society for many years allowing for the …show more content…
A blog about male privilege defines privilege as “how a society accommodates you and is about the advantages that one has that they think is normal”. Male privilege is a set of privileges given to men as a class because of their institutional power in relation to women as a class. The long lasting “rule by the fathers” has allowed for male privilege to become a part of history, culture, and tradition for society. The continued presence of male privilege has made its presence so normalized that it is only visible in its absence. The unequal distribution of privilege amongst gender is so prominent that true gender equality would be perceived as an inequality. Unfortunately the norms that have developed and lasted through many centuries of culture have pitted society against women essentially leaving them with no choice but to be disadvantaged and …show more content…
Female privilege refers to the chivalrous acts that men perform such as holding a door or paying for a meal. Unfortunately, those arguing that female privilege exists are neglecting that this ‘privilege’ is reinforcing sexist institutions that prevent gender equality. Patriarchy is a flawed system that has been setting standards that are stripping women of their equal rights as humans. The idea of female privilege is a distraction from paternalistic attitudes that have forced women to be seen as underprivileged and disadvantaged in society without allowing them the chance to earn their privilege. Female privilege does not exist, but could better be described by benevolent sexism. Wood defines benevolent sexism as “a paternalistic attitude that describes women affectionately but assumes they aren’t competent to do certain tasks” (106). Benevolent sexism can be seen as a direct result of cultures placing a higher importance on males in society. Without the existence of male privilege and patriarchal societies, benevolent sexism or ‘female privilege’ would not be a topic of conversation because all genders would be viewed as

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