Gender Differences Between Gender And Sex Essay

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Kate Bornstein wrote the first reading that was assigned to us. Solving the Gender Puzzle highlighted the differences between gender and sex. This is where I read the first real meaning of gender: categorization. Bornstein writes that sex is the act in which people perform together, and gender is the separation of people by mannerisms, behavior, appearance, biology, etc. Anything that separates people is called gender. Then there are gender roles, assignment, identity, and attribution. Gender attribution is probably the most common act we all are guilty of doing every time we meet someone. Humans naturally attribute behavioral norms or physical appearances of societies idea of a man or woman and immediately latch them to every person they see. If the behavioral norms or physical appearance does not match what we recognize, then we may automatically dismiss the person as “other” or cast them in a separate category. Bornstein claims the reason why gender and sex are commonly linked together is that the majority of the world’s culture defines sexual preference as dependent upon the gender identity of sexual partners. Next, our reading was about the history of Patriarchy and it’s progress, decline, and relationship to the church. It is a system of society/government where men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. I believe there was an order in which society believed was accurate for that time. It went God, Man, Sons, Slaves, Wives and then dogs. I was…

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