Gender Based Violence : Tanzania Factor And Impacts Essay

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2.3 Gender Based violence in Tanzania factor and impacts
A recent review of ‘gender studies carried in 36 countries around the world has indicated that gender based violence is prevalent and 60% of women have been exposed or experienced violence perpetrated by a partner or family member’ (Craine et al. 1988). Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a reality that is part of many women in Tanzania who are intersectionaly bound by collective societal norms and taboos that gives men privilege over women (USAID, 2008). A joint study conducted by organisations from donor countries including USA, has found ‘a high prevalence of GBV in Tanzania of which 72 percent of cases were found in Mara region’ (PEPFAR, 2016; UNAIDS, 2013). GBV is used to denote any act of violence against gender (male, female, Trans and gay, lesbian or bisexual). There are several social and political factors and impacts associated with GBV including and not excluding discrimination, poverty, marriage, inheritance, land and superstitious beliefs (Heise, 2009; Kipobota, 2012). Gender based violence (GBV) against women was once believed to be a hidden issue in many communities. However, globalisation has brought it to the fore with the use of media and it has recently aroused political and public interests globally due to its endemic effect on women, communities and development (WHO, 2001; USAID, 2008). 2.3 (1) Factors associated with GBV
‘Gender based violence is a complex phenomenon shaped by many associative…

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