Essay on Gender Barriers in Sports

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Gender Barriers in Sports It is clear there are strides being taken towards equality in women’s sports, from Billy Jean King beating Bobby Rigs in the “Battle of the Sexes” to the policy known as Title IX. Every day we as a society make attempts to close the gap between genders. We know gender certainly does play a role in human nature, society, and even sports. But both genders, male and female, still face overwhelming barriers when trying to break into a sport that is not “known “ or “proper” for that specific gender to be participating in. Gender barriers are certainly existent in today’s sports culture, such as “Women’s-only events” or “Men-only event” in the Olympics shows bias towards a specific gender role. In our society’s …show more content…
Again back to my original statement it should be based on athletic abilities everything else aside. A great example of this was this past weekend’s news in sports about Michael Sam, a former All-American defensive end on the football team. He admitted on Sunday in an interview as a homosexual male, he would be the first open male in the National Football League. Breaking that sexuality barrier on April 2nd if he gets drafted, would be incredible, something not many people would be able to do. It would affect the gender barrier people could relate to what Michael had done. Gender barriers are carried over from sports and into the workplace; I believe they are directly correlated. Throughout time these two ideas seem to reflect the nature of the other, women have become a more prominent force in the workplace and at the same time have been able to close the gap for gender barriers in sports as well. But women still are not financially comparable to men’s athletics. The number of women playing sports has greatly increased over the years, especially with Title IX coming into play. But financially it is still not equal, just like in the workforce; women are not paid as equal as men. In conclusion gender barriers are a socially constructed idea that a certain person, just because of their gender or sexuality cannot participate in a sport. Back to Billy Jean, she showed the world women could compete with men,

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