Essay about Gender Barriers in Sports

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Since way back in the day there’s always been that big barrier blockading females and males when trying to engage in a sport that is not “appropriate” for their gender. It had always been that some sports are aimed towards the male gender and others towards the females. When a man or women joins a sport that is not originally for their gender, it is not something that many people want to accept.

Gender is defined as an ongoing cultural process that socially constructs differences between men and women. This day in age, men still have more privileges than women do. Men have more wealth and power, many role-models are males, and women are seen as child raisers. Dr. Jack C. Watson says that women in sports face such things as “social
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No matter what though, it still seems like an ongoing thing. There was this young girl back in middle school and she really wanted to play football. She tried out for the team, and she made it. I can remember going to the games with all my girlfriends to watch all the guys and all we would hear was the parents chatting about how wrong it was for this young girl to be playing a boys sport. The foolish thing is that they weren’t even paying attention to the game. She was actually the best player on the field. She was one of the fastest; she was very quick on her feet and knew how to throw the ball as good as or even better than all of the boys. People started questioning her sexuality because since she was a girl playing football everyone was saying “well maybe she’s a lezbo” “is she even a girl?” All of this nonsense was coming out of people’s mouths just because she was playing a sport that is intended to be more towards guys than girls, and she was good at it. She knew what was going on, who was saying what, but it didn’t bother her. She just showed everyone that it’s not always just a boy sport and girls can be good at it too, and by this, she earned the “most athletic girl” as a senior and I can unquestionably say that she earned it.

But not only as a girl can stereotypes be harsh, but they are just as bad when you’re a boy. I played field hockey from when I was a

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