Gender Aspects Of Gender And Gender Essay

889 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
“Gender legitimates certain activities and ways of thinking over others” (Guerrero, 98). In other words gender roles create the basis of how we identify and stereotype people based on their actions relative to their sex. Do people refer to you as masculine, feminine, gay, normal? If so why do they refer to you as that, is it offensive, and why? Something can be defined by what it’s not especially masculinity considering society only offers you two acceptable genders. What it’s not is femininity. To be feminine is to be emotional, passive, and incompetent in almost everything but household tasks. The socialization that occurs within a patriarchal, capitalist society reflects these sexist notions. Boys wear blue. Girls wear pink. Boys are raised “not to throw like a girl”, girls are raised being told “you’re going to have to learn to cook one day”. The phrase “MAN UP!” is used commonly to encourage athletes on the field, students in the class room or coworker in the workplace when the sentiment is to use strength,ciurage or emotionless behavior. It’s prevalent that traits deemed masculine are valued more highly than those labeled feminine. If you deviate from these societal gender norms you 're immediately stripped of power and prestige and classified as not normal. Why? Because you are a threat to the hetero-patriarchal structure. Consequently, people are afraid to challenge the gender norms. In a patriarchal culture men are encouraged and fueled by…

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