Gender As A Product Of Culture Essay

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Lastly, gender can be argued to be a product of culture. There are many cultural explanations for the social construction of gender and the views surrounding it differ between cultures and over time. Therefore, the way males and females are treated and approached differ from society to society. As masculinity and femininity will continue to evolve in culture as time goes on.
In past centuries such as the 18th century, gender constructs were much more rigid. However, today they are more flexible as people are given the ability to customise their genders in whatever way they wish. According to Ortner (1974) in the past the masculine and feminine gender construct was universally absolute for everyone in society. This meaning that everyone was expected to share the same views on the masculine and feminine gender roles. However, the idea of gender as a universal construct is challenged by Wagner (1975) who claims that gender meanings differ among individuals according to their subjective beliefs. Therefore, these meanings are not universally true among all people. Especially in the 21st century today it is not legitimate to argue that the masculine and feminine gender constructs are absolute for everyone in society. People are able to shift in and out of the two gender categories and merge them together if they wish. Gender today seems to be more of a relative construct that is done according to subjective beliefs, not so much an absolute construct.
In certain cultures a high…

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