Gender And Sexuality And Gender Essay

773 Words Apr 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Gender and sexuality, two things that are seemingly determined at the moment a person is born. It is naturally assumed and projected onto an individual through societal norms that if an individual is born with a penis they are determined to be a male, and as a male once this individual reaches sexual maturity they should engage in sexual relations only with members of the female sex. The same norms apply for members of the female sex, if one is born with a vagina from the moment of their first breath it is determined that the female should only engage in acts of sex with members of the male sex, and conform to traditionally set gender norms. In this paper, I will prove this wrong and explain that despite genitalia and societal norms both gender and sexuality are subjective and range on a wide spectrum varying from individual to individual. Gender, defined as the state of being male or female, this usually in the proper context refers to the social constructions rather than the biological constructs of sex which is determined by the genitalia and reproductive organs associated with the being to which they belong. Gender varies and ranges from many different identities including but not limited to man, woman, genderqueer, trans ftm (female to male), trans mtf (male to female) etc. The many variations of gender and how the gender norms, which are a set of rules and ideas of the way men and women should look and act according to societal standards, are performed depend…

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