Gender And Male Face Faced By Judith Lorber Essay

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Our society has created a culture where we inherently place gender labels on children from birth. Doctors swaddle boys in blue cloth and girls similarly in pink adornments. Families often influence types of gendered play in order to match these categories accordingly. In this sense, these children are being raised to find their place in the world based on what they wear, how they act, and who they interact with to progress their position. In other words, our society participates in a sort of “gender-bending” to adhere to this process. When there is opposition to this system, consequences present themselves. Both males and females face difficulty in defying gender expectations because of the aforementioned values in our “dimorphic” species. Judith Lorber says that, “human beings produce gender, behaving in the ways they learned were appropriate for their gender status, or resisting or rebelling against these norms” (114). This statement holds that the details in creating gender (i.e., difference in dress, gendered play, etc) leads to the individual taking the necessary steps to belong to their desired group.
Throughout this process, participants decide to either conform to their specified gender, or “bend” it. Kate Bornstein states that when choosing gender roles, one must answer, “How do I need to function so that society perceives me as belonging or not belonging to a specific gender?” (204). In other words, all humans crave a niche in the world. In order to obtain that…

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