Essay on Gender And Its Impact On Society 's History

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For all of our society’s history, women have been oppressed in many ways. Many individual can see this division of gender ranging from the biblical era. The bible often sorted the differentiation between the two roles of gender, and many people couldn’t stray from this constructed idea. Also in early societies, women were deemed to gathering surplus from the ground, and men were constructed as hunters. Until recently these arbitrary socially constructed ideas were not challenged by individuals in society.
From this video, there are numerous anthropological concepts and notions that employ how society has constructed the idea of femininity. In history people have constructed an ideology that women are to be attractive, youthful, and homemakers. This is the ideology that has been made available to society. This idea comes from a repetitive force called discourse. Discourse is the way that a particular society talks about any subject. A clear example in the video is that many times the parents say things like, “don’t get your dress dirty or put that down”, in reference to a starfish, but you can see that these girls are being constrained to a proscriptive assigned meaning. The parent are socializing the meaning of hold a starfish as pejorative. Often time’s women will break this ideology, and will do the opposite of society ideals. Many time when women break through the barrier of gender construction, they will suffer social sanctions, which are ways society constructs rules…

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