Gender And Its Impact On Gender Essay

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If a person is grappling with his or her sexuality or true gender, they need only to spend half an hour in a convenience store such as RiteAid, and specifically, the health care aisle, and he or she will have a crystal clear idea of what gender is and to which one they gravitate. Through the utilization of immensely powerful, subconscious tools, cosmetic producers have clearly identified which product is for which gender, and thus, which characteristics are assigned to each gender. Bright minds in the sociological sphere maintain that gender is merely created by groups of people–effectively a social construct–and if we assume those groups of people are the companies that sell to RiteAid, it is clear that they have successfully used color, packaging, and display techniques to divide and define the genders.
Upon walking into RiteAid, the signage is explicit as to where certain genders belong through the use of color. The circular structures that hang from the ceiling designate which area has what: the pink “Beauty” sign has women, the brown “Home Care” sign has men, and the gender-neutral green “Pharmacist” sign has either women or men. RiteAid has capitalized on the already established gender assignments of color (pink is girls, blue is boys, etc.) in order to give not-so subtle hints that dictate which aspects of life each gender is responsible for. In this way, both men and women are responsible for their own health (this is the 21st century, after all), men are…

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