Gender And Gender : Structure Essays

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Gender as Structure

Gender consists of whatever behaviors and attitudes a group considers proper for its male and female members (Henslin, 2014). What may be considered normal behavior in one group may not be viewed the same in all groups. Same sex relationships have been structured in ways that majority of gay and lesbians have been stereotyped for years. Much is the same with different government policies and regulations; they are not all are universally accepted by every member of all groups in every society. Prevalent in our society is the structuring of a multitude of tasks as gender specific, tasks such as moving a heavy object. It is not to say that a woman could not move a heavy object. Rather, if a male is available, he is typically deemed better fit to do so and will be asked or expected to do the task. Women have been fighting for equality in the workplace and have demonstrated the willingness to do what has been deemed a man’s job for centuries. Jobs, such as the head of major corporations, have been challenged by woman and equal rights and pay are expected. Tragically, they have not always been available.
Differences in Gender
Gender differences, as seen in America, can be seen as the inequality of women in the workplace still exists. As stated by Merchant (2012) These differences have, to a certain extent, put women in the workplace at a disadvantage because of their perceived inferiority to men, mainly due to historical gender inequalities (p 2). This…

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