Gender And Gender Roles Are Shaping Our Perspective Of Humans

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The idea of gender and gender roles has always been a debate in society. Gender and gender roles are shaping our perspective of humans. The way people act towards other people can sometimes be because of their gender. People are not born knowing their gender roles in society. Instead they develop their gender roles as they grow up. Our environments and social media are the ones who develop gender roles. Many people develop different stereotypes towards humans depending on their gender. For example, women are seen as soft and feminine and men are viewed as the dominate ones based on how social media portray women. Women until this day are not receiving their rights as women. Gender stereotypes causes many women to be discriminated against, women are at a disadvantage in their environment, and many women are misunderstood due to social media. Women around the world are being discriminated against because of their gender. Many humans until this day as children are taught that women are weak and that men are strong. Many people raise their children teaching then their own culture. For example, parents are always telling girls they should not do this or that, because of their gender roles. Society is not advancing towards the roles of women in the world. Many women are being discriminated in their work place. Many women have excellent qualifications, but are still not haired because of their gender. Women are also the first to get laid off, even when they are more qualified for…

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