Gender And Gender Roles : A New Model Of Gender Essays

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Gender cultivates more dispute in the modern era than nearly everything else. This constant conflict can be attributed to the ancient practice of organizing culture based on gender. For hundreds of years gender has affected people’s goals, desires, professions, wealth, and roles in culture. However this age old tradition has become, in recent years, degraded and has begun to erode. In the transition from the 20th century to the 21st century the sharp contrasts in gender roles have begun to lose their distinctness. It is being realized that the associated traits for each are not based on biology but are based on sociological constructs formed by humans themselves in order to limit others.
In the last decade society has begun to subtly drift away from gender stereotypes. This is most prominent in the film industry, Disney Pixar studios in particular, according to Ken Gillam and Shannon Wooden in their paper “Post-Princess Models of Gender.” They say that, “Pixar consistently promotes a new model of masculinity, one that matures into acceptance of its more traditionally “feminine” aspects” (Gillam & Wooden). Pixar looks to be an example of society attempting to “break the chain” with the traditional selfish male values and replace them with more empathetic “feminine” qualities. Allan G. Johnson in his paper “Why Do We Make So Much of Gender?” discusses a number of the qualities that Pixar seems to be trying to induce in society. In his paper Johnson cites an author who lists…

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