Essay about Gender And Gender Have A Massive Impact On The Way

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Both sex and gender have a massive impact on the way in which one behaves, how one is perceived, and even how one is viewed by others. The terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are closely linked, yet they are not synonyms. Looking at both sex and gender is not something people really take to consider the difference between the two. “Aren’t there just men and women? What is the difference between gender and sex?” In today’s society the terms sex and gender has two separate connotative meanings, sex being the more scientific term that gives off the physical and sexual traits, on the other hand gender carries a more social tone, meaning the characteristics that a society describes as masculine or feminine. First of all, sex is the biological and physical characteristics that distinguish males and females from each other. These distinctive differences in characteristics include that men and women have different reproductive organs and other traits like facial hair, deep/high voices, and body structure. The physical construction explains how girls belong to the female sex and the boys belong to the male sex. These biological or physiological differences are created by nature and these differences are the same in every family, every community and in every country, according to this psychologist, Michael Mills “sex difference is due to nature”. Everyone is born female, such as the biological and physiological conditions includes the chromosomes, hormones, secondary sex characteristics and…

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