Buddha's Influence On Religion

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Now, let me take into consideration the possibility of this relationship working the other way round. Suppose the practitioner is spiritually weak and lacks high spiritual experience. Naturally, his position becomes weak and vulnerable. Under such circumstances, he could easily fall prey to his worldly dharma protector. It is comparable to a weak king who obeys to every single word of his powerful minister. Most of the Shugden worshippers belong to the second category.

Shugden devotees claim that he is a very special Gelupa Dharmapala suit to our modern time. Without him, gelugpas teaching would not survive. But their belief is completely in contradiction to what Je Tsonkapa instructed and what is followed by the mainstream Gelugpa Society.
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Do you think such a refutation is an act of denying Religious freedom? His Holiness is refuting the concept of Doegyal, explaining us the contradictions it represents in Buddhist doctrine, and especially, how it contradicts the instructions given by Je Tsongkapa for his followers. Doegyal followers are of the opinion that the practice of Doegyal is religion, and they want that religious freedom. The crux of the question is; Is Doegyal practices a religion? What exactly is Dharma taught by Buddha? Buddha said, "Tame your mind, that is Buddhism.” The practice, which helps to tame your mind, is …show more content…
From this perspective, Doegyal practice is not religious. Conventionally, we have the habit of saying they are doing dharma practice when we see people invoking and propitiating local worldly gods, which, in fact, is a mistake. We really have to be cautious when dealing with harmful spirits. Ask yourself a question. What is the nature of Doegyal? Undoubtedly, he is a very controversial spirit. Ever since his inception in our history, we never accepted him unanimously as a dharma protector, whenever some rely on him; there are always many others who oppose it. So the trend has been going on unabated since his beginning till

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