Gdd Vs Sherlock

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In A Scandal in Bohemia Sherlock Holmes says “You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.” Meaning people see many things but do not fully take them in. People look at things to just look and see, they do not look at things to observe them and figure out what is right or wrong and it is very clear that this is done by many people. Both Great Mouse Detective (GMD) and Sherlock Holmes (SH) show you the relationship between two detectives in different ways and how they observe things.
In the the films GMD and SH, the two lead characters Holmes and Watson, or Basil and Dawson, have a relationship, kind of like a bromance, that is portrayed in different ways. Both set of characters have a very good relationship and would do anything for each other. They also have moments where they are rude to each other but go back to working together in peace because they “love” one another. Whereas each set of characters would do anything for each other, in SH, Holmes and Watson have a better relationship than Basil and Dawson in GMD. They do so much more for each other and work better together. One example would be when Watson helps Sherlock fight people and take the down.
In the films GMD and SH, both Watson and Sherlock and Basil and Dawson help each other fight against the bad guys, but not in
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In both films the villains go by Professor and wear a cape. Both villains know the main detective, Sherlock or Basil, from previous encounters, which makes them more cautious when it comes to Watson and Dawson having to help take them down. Also when it comes to the end both Professor Ratigan and Professor Moriarty get stuck at the top of a large building and that is where they meet their death. After they meet their deaths you have seen how both Sherlock and Watson from SH and Basil and Dawson from GMD have used their good relationship to work together and bring down the

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