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In the United States, there is a lot of controversy over the issue of gay marriage.

There are constant discrepancies between adamant believers in gay marriage and the

political leaders of our country. The government’s refusal of the right of the marriage of

homosexuals should not be tolerated. A large portion of people in America at the

moment are utterly and completely against gay marriage, however there are also those

who possess a more liberal view on the situation and feel differently towards the

subject of equal treatment for all people. Religious beliefs often play a substantial role in

the decision making process in many ways. For instance, Christian politicians are using

their religious beliefs to
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While I can sit here and type for hours

and hours about gay marriage because of all the events that have occurred in time I

must stick the most modern accounting of gay marriage and the governments role in the

subject of homo sexuals marrying. In the country of denmark the government was

convinced that the concept of registering as a same sex couples getting married or

agreeing to a as what we see it a civil union. This pioneering country voted on a law to

register domestic partnership of gay couples on May 26, 1989. The law wasn’t officially

enforced until October 1, 1989. The first official gay marriage was on the same day that

it was enforced between both Axel Axgil and Eigil at Copenhagen's town hall. Since that

faithful day of change between axgil and his significant other said there official vowls

tons has changed. Since the bill was passed of same sex marriage being allowed in

denver, a lot of different places have given in and passed the bill of allowing same sex


The meaning of marriage and the difference between people who love women

and there other be a women (heterosexual) or the people who have feelings for the

same sex(homosexual) are both reasons in why people disagree for gay marriage. A

Heterosexual marriage is defined as a typical marriage between and man and a

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