Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay Marriage: Good or Bad?
Terry Richmond
SOC 120
Robert Gala
Oct. 1, 2012

Gay Marriage: Good or Bad? Some organizations will lead you to believe that if same-sex couples are allowed to
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The American Family Association supports traditional moral values, but in recent years it has shifted its focus to combat the homosexual agenda. Chick-fil-A has also come under fire for their chief executive coming out against same-sex marriage. Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called this day “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” (Shapiro, 2012). Many activists have come out against them because they continue to give millions of dollars to groups who advocate
GAY MARRIAGE 3 against gay rights (Shapiro, 2012). This has really taken a toll on gay employees who are afraid to speak out in fear of losing their job. With this issue at the center of the business, a lot of employees are now looking for employment elsewhere because they do not want to be forced into believing something they do not. Allowing gay marriages would offer significant benefits to children of gay and straight households alike (Wadley, 2012). One of the benefits of children that have married gay parents is knowing that the prospect of marriage is in their future. In a heterosexual marriage the benefit to children is they see marriage as the norm. “If a child sees that Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the neighbors to the left, are married, and that Mrs. And Mrs. Jones, the neighbors to the right, are married, and that the child’s own parents are married- that,

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