Gay Marriage Will Never Jeopardize Straight Marriage Essay

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“Gay marriage will never jeopardize straight marriage. But it can provoke political divorce.” According to Douglass Murray. He is an associate director of the Henry Jackson Society as well as a commentator and writer. He continues to think that gay marriages that it is not a threat to religion. By wanting to marry it promotes commitment and the significance of marriage. Also, it can discourage promiscuity. Political parties are starting to challenge the traditional agreement on gay marriages in America and are in favor of it. Even in Great Britain, the prime minister is insisting on planning a “public consultation” on gay marriages. It used to be that the conservatives were opposed to such topics, but now there is a movement toward at least debating the subject.
The biggest under-miners of a marriage is adultery and divorce. Some believe that gay marriages de-stabilizes same sex marriages. Also that people get married only to have children. However, there many married couples that do not have or want children. “They marry to form a deep, committed and publicly respected bond.” If the real reason the anti-equality activists is the protection of the special nature of marriage, then they need to look at those that marry for publicity such as “reality” stars and celebrities.

But true conservatives should welcome gay marriage. For its increasing…

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