Gay And Lesbian Couples Should Not Be Legal Essay

1460 Words Nov 1st, 2016 6 Pages
There is nothing like seeing two people that love each other marry. It doesn’t matter what sex you are or who you are marrying. It is the most beautiful thing. I was brought up Catholic and I can say that most people in my family would not be happy about this decision. I have been around the LGBTQ community only due to the fact that a couple of family members are gay. I have loved them just the same no matter who they love. I have believed in marriage and the right to marry before even knowing that gay/lesbian couples could not marry each other in every state. So, for me I believe this was the right decision and it should have been made available many years ago. It is really difficult for me to hear all the backlash from any group. If it does not affect them they why is it so hard for them to accept these rights that are finally giving all couples the right to marry. People can protest that it does affect them. In USA Today they state, “Lawsuits stemming from individual merchants’ refusal to participate in same-sex nuptials continue to move through state and federal courts. The most prominent cases involve a Colorado “cake artist,” Washington state florist and wedding venues in Illinois and New York.” They do not want to have part in marrying a gay couple, but I just don’t see how it has to directly affect them. In my eyes, this is a loss for those companies who do not want to make money from the thriving and successful people that just want their civil rights. This is…

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