Gavrilo Princip Essay

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During a time when Europe was already becoming very much divided, a young, South Slav Nationalist, came in and sparked World War I. Austria-Hungary and Russia were working towards controlling the Balkan states in Europe, and tensions only grew stronger. It was around this time that strong military alliances formed; Russia backing Serbia, and Germany backing Austria-Hungry. The man known as “the trigger,” who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and sparked the war, was Gavrilo Princip. Many put his name to shame as the man who persuaded Austria-Hungary to go to war with Serbia (which resulted in WWI), and many of those from Yugoslavia, saw him as a hero. The third Balkan war soon broke into a European war. In an attempt to take France (who was backing …show more content…
Jove, like his brother, was very smart, and had left Obljaj to make something of himself (Adams 66). When Principe arrived he tried intently to persuade his little brother to go to a military school in Sarajevo, but there were family members who put down the idea. Also, when Jovo was out buying clothes for his brother, a shopkeeper told him not to send his little brother to the (Austro-Hungarian) military school where he would become an executioner (Adams 170). Had Princip attended the Austro-Hungarian military school, perhaps future outcomes would have been very different. He ended up attending a merchant school, and transferring to a more traditional high school a few years later. Principe, was very intelligent, and did very well in his studies. When he was eighteen he moved to Belgrade Serbia, and attended school; it was around that time that he began to get more involved. He joined a nationalist movement called the secret Black Hand society. It was during this time that Principe decided what his path would be (Duffy).
As Princip grew older he became extremely resentful of the Austrians (foreign rulers) (Adams 64). At school in Sarajevo, he made friends with Cabrinovi (who shared common interests in books). Cabrinovic also shared similar opinions with Principe, and had ideas about a revolution. Princip’s hatred for the Austrians ran even deeper because he blamed
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He knew from a younger age he was very sick, and instead of throwing in the towel, he decided to make something of himself. He was very educated, and often had his head stuck in a book. Principe was never afraid to stand up for what he believed in, and felt it was important to do whatever it took to be heard. Of course, I know that his decision to assassinate Ferdinand led to a disastrous war, and wasn’t the best idea, but he was young, and wanted to action. Even though what he did was wrong, he did something, instead of just talking about it. I don’t think when Principe killed Ferdinand that he knew a world war would break out; it just sort of happened that

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