Gary Hirschi Social Control Theory

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Social Control Theory was composed by Travis Hirschi in the late 1960s. The basic concept behinds this theory was that individual’s strong attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief promote a lawful environment. In the case of Gary Gilmore, Social Control Theory could be used to explain many of his delinquent and subsequent criminal behaviors. Leading up to his death in front of a firing squad, Gary’s life was set to be filled with rejection, abandonment, resentment. From the moment he opened his eyes to the world, Gary was already rejected by his father. Growing, Gary grasped on resentment towards in father. In some way, Gary did not have a connection with his father. Gary’s relationship with his father exemplified the lack of attachment in Social Control Theory. According to the book, “My father did not want a second child. He claimed the child was not his. He demanded that my mother have an abortion” (Gilmore, 14). This indelible rejection formulated to be an origin of his destructive life.
Gary got trouble with the law for the first time when he was 12 years old. In 1953, he was arrested for breaking windows. He was sent to a juvenile detention home
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Since Gary was young, his father, Frank Gilmore Sr. was displeased and never displayed the love for Gary. If his father were to show compassionate and love, Gary might grow up to be a better individual. The lack of authorities and father figure in Gary’s life needed to be fulfilled. Regardless of how malfunction their relationship seems to be, Gary was always loved his father very much and vice versa. It has been shown in Social Control Theory that individuals who have strong bonds in their family and society, tend to not commit crime. In some perspective, Gary might break the laws because he has lost respect, appreciation, and sense of belonging in the society. If these things were restored, Gary might grow up to be a better

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