Gardner And Experiential Learning Cycle Theory

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Critical evaluation
Multiple Intelligences theory
Gardner’s view of intelligences has now become one of the famous theories in the educational world, but does the theory truly improve people’s understanding in a scientific, progressive way and helpful in education and learning back to 1980-1990’s? This question could be discussed in the changes of evaluation, educational and learning view. First, there were various standpoints before multiple intelligences theory, but the main world recognized the viewpoint of evaluating talents was still the traditional intelligence quotient (IQ) test. While the traditional IQ test actually disfavours the majority, only a few exceptional people will be recognized by it. It has restricted the definition of
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First, Gardner and Kolb have chosen different generation of people for their research. Gardner’s research has based on children and teenagers, while Kolb’s theory has more concerns with people taking higher education (college, university, continuing education, etc.). Even both Gardner and Kolb believe that people could gain intelligence by hard working and personal development, the differences of their observation groups have lead diversity angles of the two theories. Gardner’s view came from human’s talent in different subject categories, Kolb distinguish people into four types definition of learning styles. Hence, the meaning of talent in Gardner’s theory are more likely as innate skills, but Kolb’s four type definition of learning styles are the combination of innate wisdom with hard working. As mentioned before, multiple intelligences theory has claim that each intelligences are independent. While in Experiential learning theory, Kolb believes there are some conflicts between learning styles. For example, a person who prefer learn through thinking and rational analysis might less likely to learn by feel and …show more content…
One of them build by Birmingham Grid for learning and related with Birmingham City Council, the other one has been designed by Literacy net organization, called multiple intelligences for adult literacy and education. The objectives of these websites are to give individual a better acknowledge about themselves and to inspire teachers to discover innovative ways to help learners succeed based on learner’s intelligences. Both website have shown the same result (See Appendix) about my top two intelligences, which are logical-mathematical and intrapersonal skills. These two skills are important for a trader in allocation money and self-realization. However, the result also tells me that I’m not brilliant with news and information handling, which is one of the crucial factors for a professional trader. Hence, training in analysis news and information would be one major objective of my professional skill

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