Detached Garage Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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The main disadvantage of having a detached garage is when you really use it for parking your vehicles and you have to get to them or get out of them during inclement weather. You have to walk your way through the heat or cold, depending on the season, from your house into the garage or vice versa. If you are using your garage as an additional storage place, this also means that the items you kept are farther away from you when you need them. It would also be a bit inconvenient whenever you have to carry your child or groceries to and from the car. You would also need a separate source for your basic utilities. Some homeowners associations are also strict when it comes to the construction of detached garages so better check with them to ensure that you comply with their regulations. Also, if budget is a concern, a detached garage is more expensive to build than an attached garage primarily because you are building a separate small house which would need foundation, walls, and floors.
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There is direct access to and from the main house. During bad weather, getting in or out of your car is not a problem because you are in the shelter of your own home. An attached garage offers space for your vehicles as well as that much needed additional space for extra storage and some work area. And those things that you store inside are easier to get once you need them. You also do not need a separate source of power for your electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. It is also less expensive to build an attached garage than a detached garage because you are just adding another portion of the house and you can work with the existing walls. That means saving thousands of bucks. This kind of garage is also more preferred by homeowner

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