Gap Analysis : Walmart Human Resource Management Essay

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Walmart human resource management has many issues that require attention and fix in order to maintain a healthy business. The firm has many gaps, which can be found at some part of its Human Resource management, such as organizational structure, recruitment, selection, retention, training, performance management, compensation, and career development. Wal-Mart must be aware of these gaps because they can cost the company greatly if they do not get the right treatment. However, the company must emphasize on Human Resource Management role in fixing issues and creating value for both employees and business.

Culture Gap Analysis
Wal-Mart challenges come from the past experiences. “Wal-Mart has been engaged in many lawsuits such as racial discrimination, sexual harassment, wage-hour violations, and the last by denying employees meal breaks and overtime pay” (Retrieved from These issues cost the company a fortune because of the insufficient training for supervisors and employees, which increase the bad attitude in the workplace. Wal-Mart has to learn from these issues and create a better atmosphere with a zero tolerance of discrimination and all type of sexual harassment to avoid conflict and disagreement between employees. Wal-Mart culture is to provide customers the best shopping experience, hiring diverse employees, and benefit from a different expertise and intelligence to gain a better image in today’s market. However, Wal-Mart has to work hard…

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