Ganong Bros Ltd. Essay

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Ganong Bros. Limited
Ganong Bros. Limited (GBL) was founded in 1873 by two brothers in St. Stephen, New Brunswick and has gone through 4 generations of remaining a private family firm. The firm is an international company with exports to middle east and Japan. As well as a factory in Thailand. Over the past couple years GBL has shown a financial loss. GBL is a The board of directors consisting of 6 external members and 2 family members, have decided to give David Ganong, president of GBL, 6 weeks to come back with recommendations that would be able to restore the company to profitability and increase productivity.
As David Ganong, president of GBL, I need to come up with a recommendation to pass on to the
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With sticking to these values it may be hard for the company to meet managements desires. The desires being, making the company a profitable organization.
The organization has many blocks to their proposed strategy. The management capacity has 4 generations of experience. With a family culture organization the company may have difficulty with their proposed strategies, and may need to think of different strategies or view the company differently. This is direct to a management issue where the company with put the commitment to its employees and community over making a profit.
Alternative #1: Alternative Financing
Recently GBL had been approached by an international chocolate firm who wants to become a partner with a minority position.
* Feasible for the company * Can keep the business in St. Stephens, and build the firm. * Will give the company resources it lacks
* Will no long be a family owned business * If partner becomes unsatisfied will they remain in St. Stephens or look to sell to a larger company
Alternative #2: Contract Packs
Contract packs were with firms who required a reliable source of supply that would meet certain specifications for a particular product. Contract packs are manufacturing a good for another company
* Increase in productivity * Long-term contracts * Supply the firm with

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