Gangsterism In Pulp Fiction

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The subject of this assignment is Pulp Fiction, a 1994 gangster American comedy about blood, guts, violence, strange sex, drugs, fixed fights and a dead body disposal written and directed by the Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino. One of the most influential films of the 1990s, a delirious post-modern mix of neo-noir thrills, pitch-black humour and pop-culture touchstones.

Gangster Films are developed around the sinister actions of criminals or gangsters, particularly bank robbers, underworld figures, or ruthless thugs who operate outside the law, stealing and violently murdering their way through life. A darker and more cynical new type of crime thriller emerged in the 1940s. Criminal and gangster films are often categorized as post-war film
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The ‘f’ word is repeated 265 times in the movie because vulgar language and swearing was considered a sign of manhood. In one of the first scenes Jules, who recites Bible verses before killing someone, grabs his victim’s burger and drink and helps himself before killing him simply to demonstrate he was in power and he was the one in total control of the situation.
The meaning of duelling when in older times men killed to defend their pride, has become in today’s world simply a fist fight, and in many cases just for the sake of money. At the beginning of the film Marcellus tells Butch that “pride is nothing compared to money,” yet he forgets about this belief of his when he lets Butch leave with the money earned from his betrayal so long as he keeps his mouth shut about the rape and safeguard his manhood.
With regards to the film montage, director Quentin Tarantino admits that to elevate his work, he often edits or borrows cutaways from older films. Typical scenarios are when Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) re-enact a dance scene from another movie classic: Federico Fellini`s “8

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