Essay about Gang Violence : The Rise Across The World

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Gang violence is on the rise across the world, and is especially popular in North America. North America is a breeding ground for gang activity. Gang association has increased by forty percent from just 2009 to 2011.(Frieden "FBI Report : Gang membership spikes") "FBI Report : Gang membership spikes") Small towns do indeed have gang societies, but they are far less common than gangs in urban areas and well known cities.(Weisheit "Youth Gangs in Rural America" 4) The percentage of gang members in North American cities, is mind boggling.(Center "Measuring the Extent of Gang Problems") The percentage of teens affiliated with gangs can be deemed as insanity.(Center "Demographics") I believe everyone should ask themselves this question before making a quick judgment call on every teenaged “gangster”. Is every teenager affiliated with a gang a bad person? Or are they just looking for guidance, a support system, stability and belonging? I can assure you that yes, gangs are violent, but most teens just involve themselves to belong anywhere, they just need somewhere. Also the leaders of these organizations know how to prey on the fatalities of their lives to gain members.
Familial values play a crucial part in the development on the outlook and behavior of an adolescent. No matter what the location, the time or the people, consist of, it is built in our DNA to want a unit of people that we have personal relations to. I believe we should all think not what they’re doing wrong, but…

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